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Вие сте тук: Начало Преподаватели Информационни технологии ас. Атанас Георгиев

ас. Атанас Георгиев

Атанас Георгиев Георгиев

Асистент, Катедра Информационни технологии


Научни проекти

  • weSPOT (http://portal.ou.nl/web/wespot) is a new project supported by the European Commission launching on 1st of October 2012. weSPOT aims at propagating scientific inquiry as the approach for science learning and teaching in combination with today's curricula and teaching practices. It lowers the threshold for linking everyday life with science teaching in schools by technology. weSPOT supports the meaningful contextualization of scientific concepts by relating them to personal curiosity, experiences, and reasoning.

  • OpenScout  ("Skill based scouting of open user-generated and community-improved content for management education and training", 2009-2012, http://www.openscout.net, co-funded by the European Commission within the eContentplus Programme).
    OpenScout provides education services in the internet that enable users to easily find, access, use and exchange open content for management education and training.

  • Share.TEC project (Sharing Digital Resources in the Teacher Education Community, 2008-2011, http://www.share-tec.eu - funded by the European Commission as part of the eContentplus Program) aimed to empower the European teacher education community by promoting the projects which made digital content (OER and copyright materials) more accessible and reusable.

  • TenCompetence: Building The European Network for Lifelong Competence Development, TENCompetence is a 4-year EU-funded Integrated IST-TEL project that will develop a technical and organisational infrastructure for lifelong competence development.