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A SU team with medals from SEEMOUS, 2013

On 23 March 2013 the seventh South-Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University Students was held. 106 students from 21 universities from 6 countries participated.

The Sofia University team (FMI) composed of Ksenia Tsocheva, Nikolay Karakehayov, Martin Marinov, Mladen Valkov, Stanislav Atanasov and Stoyan Apostolov won 2 golden (Stoyan and Stanislav), 1 silver (Nikolay) and 2 bronze (Ksenia and Martin) medals. 

Stoyan and Stanislav took respectively the fifth and the eighth place in the final standings.


 Stoyan Aposolov-a golden medal                        Stanislav-a golden medal      

                              Stoyan                                                                    Stanislav

 Nikolay-a silver medal                        Ksenia Tsocheva-a bronze medal

                            Nikolay                                                                       Ksenia