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MSc Bio- and Medical informatics (Course structure)

Course code and course title   ECTS credits
 Type of course
First year  
 First semester   
 Маthematical modelling in biology and medicine
 Pattern Recognition in Medicine6comp
 Medical Biophysics7comp
 Computational geometry and morphology6comp
 Introduction to Molecular Biology and Computational Molecular Biology6
 Internet technologies and applications**6
 Web data bases+6
 The Computer Algebra systems and their Applications to Biomedical Informatics*5
 Neural networks and genetic algorithms+
 Second semester  
 Applied statistics
 Methods of Medical Physics7comp
 Biomedical robotics6comp
 Computer Practice  -  Computational Biology Fundamentals
 Geographic Information Systems*6opt
 Human anatomy and physiology#5opt
 Fundamentals of Genetics#5opt
 Computer Programming II++6opt
 + At least  one of the courses is compulsory for students wit computer science background
 * At least one is compulsory
 # At least one is compulsory for students with no medical or biological background.
 **Compulsory  for students without background in computer science.
 ++ Common for all programmes in Informatics, only for students without background in computer science

Second year  
 Third semester  
 Practice in software company or foreign university or scientific centre##Up to 15opt
 Diploma thesis15


  1. The optional (eligible) courses might be studied during a later semester.
  2. The credits per semester might exceed 30.
  3. The students without computer science background should take the courses  Data Bases and Computer Programming I  before or during the programme.
  4. All students can take courses offered by other master programmes in Informatics by consent with the Programme Head  and  the ECTS departmental coordinator. Some of these courses are Mobile communications, Datagrids, Project management, Distributed objects integration (middleware), System MATEMATIKA II. The ECTS credit points for such courses remain the same as in the programme  anouncing the course.