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MSc Computational Mathematics (Course structure)

Course code and course title ECTS credits
 Type of course
 First year  
 First semester  
 1. Numerical methods for differential   equations 5O
 2. Partial differential equations9O
 3. Spline-functions and applications   5O
 4. Wavelets and applications    12O
 5. Finite elements method – algorithmic  base    8O
 6. Theory of finite difference schemes   6O
 7. Numerical methods for systems with  sparse matrices 9O
 8. Fractals 5O
 Second  semester  
 9. Software for scientific calculations 4O
 10. Fourier transform, wavelets and signal  processing  6O
 11. Orthogonal polynomials  6O
 12. Theory of finite and boundary elements method  4O
 13. Parallel algorithms   7O
 14. Introduction to functional analysis4O
 15. Non-linear mathematical models   6O
 16 Chaotic dynamical systems    6O
Second year  
 Third semester   
 17. Measure theory and Lebesgue integral6O
 18. Applied functional analysis 4O
 19. Numerical integration  8O
 20. Approximation theory 8O
 21. Numerical methods for non-linear  equations 6O
 22. Special functions and approximations  6O
 Writing a master’s thesis 17 

The optional courses may be visited in a semester that differs from that in the program.

  1. The ECTS credits by semester may be more than 30.