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Master’s Degree Program: Optimization
Period of study: three semesters    
Form of study: full-time
ECTS: 90
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Nadezda Ribarska, PhD
University of Sofia,
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
5 James Bourchier blvd., 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria,
Phone: +359 2 8161 590,

In addition to the long known applications of variational methods in Physics, during the World War II and after it Optimization becomes a basic tool in decision-making and in resource management in military operations, engineering, industry, finance and others. It is well understood that the application power of the optimization is due to a great extend to the fact that it is a branch of mathematics having its own well developed specific methods. Optimization brings together fields of pure and applied mathematics, including topics from real-life applications. Bulgarian mathematical school in this field is well established and has significant achievements. Some prominent scholars are going to give lectures in this program. 
The graduates of the Masters program in Optimization will have qualification which will enable them to make research using the modern mathematical methods as well as to apply their knowledge and IT skills to solving practical problems. The proposed Masters program is accessible for university graduates with majors in Mathematics or/and Informatics. It is suitable in particular for the graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the University of Sofia and to the graduates of the Technical University of Sofia majoring in Applied Mathematics. The admittance is trough an interview with the candidates on the following topics:

  1. Taylor expansions.
  2. Series, power series.
  3. Functional series, Fourier series.
  4. Riemann integration.
  5. Multivariable calculus.
  6. Linear programming.
  7. Convex programming, Kun-Tucker’s theorem.

    The masters program in optimization includes fundamental courses (with an emphasis on functional analysis) as well as a variety of applied courses in all principle branches of the fast developing modern optimization (discrete, continuous, convex optimization, optimal control, mathematical game theory and others). Most of the applied courses include algorithms for solving particular classes of optimization problems. An important goal of the program is stimulating and developing the creative thinking and independent working skills of the students.
Students who have graduated from the Masters program will be able to do research in the field, to teach related courses, to solve specific optimization problems arising in finance, transportation, energy production, business administration and others. Masters in Optimization can work in universities; scientific institutes; financial institutions; companies and industrial enterprises seeking to optimize their activities. The Masters program is an excellent start for Ph.D. studies in optimization or a close field.