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FMI in the media

A video about FMI

In 2013 FMI was declared the best Bulgarian faculty in information technologies. Every year the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics admits the most talented and ambitious students. Many FMI students have medals from international competitions in Mathematics and Informatics.  The reason why they have chosen to study in the faculty is their love for Mathematics and Computer science and their desire to acquire knowledge through high quality education.

Students applying to the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics have to sit an exam in mathematics. Other ways for applicants to enter the faculty is through national competitions in mathematics and informatics. One of them is the tournament named after the academician Borislav Boyanov (a former Dean of FMI).

What FMI offers to its students is a highly competitive environment and its intellectual capacity–the lecturers who are good professionals in their own field and have the pedagogical ability to explain to students the solution to a problem through abstract mathematical thinking. 

The bachelor’s degree will impart a good base of general knowledge in Mathematics and Informatics. Although the education is mainly theoretical, it assists graduates with the everyday challenges they face in the rapidly changing world of technologies. 

The faculty gives the best students the opportunity to teach. This helps them learn how to pass on their knowledge and at the same time give assistance to problems students meet during their education in the faculty. 

The development opportunities are many. Most of the students who obtain a bachelor’s degree enroll for a master’s degree in FMI. The master’s degree gives students a better observation to practice and prepares them for real business. There are master’s degrees which take part in the European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI), in which many foreign universities participate. The master’s degree students attend foreign educational institutions and conferences.

Students who have graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics can easily find a well-paid job in the labour market. The Career Centre of FMI offers students a wide variety of internship programs from different companies and institutions where they can gain valuable practical experience.

“The knowledge we have gained in the bachelor’s and master’s degrees impacts on the designing of new algorithms which solve our colleagues’ practical problems no matter whether they are from the Faculty of History in Dublin or from the Library in the Netherlands or England. We can continue making science, showing how we make science to our students. We develop and in this way help students to develop.”

Apart from the courses in the faculty, students can take advantage of the Erasmus exchange programs. Erasmus gives students the chance–establish intercultural contacts, learn a new language and have a valuable insight into a different culture through studying in another country for a few months.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics is modern and well-equipped. There are computer halls which help assistant professors demonstrate how something works in practice and test it. The faculty has a 3D Visualization Laboratory.

Life in FMI is characterized with different kinds of activities which are organized by the Faculty Student Council at FMI. Its main role is to organize all the initiatives which are of use to students. The Student Council at FMI is one of the most active at Sofia University. One of its functions is to bridge the gap between the student bench and the business. A way to do this is to invite renowned businessmen to share their experience with students. The Student Computer Club (hall 100) is a social place for entertainment and coding projects. Chess, belote and contract bridge tournaments are held there. Every year a three-day hackaton is organized.  The hackaton is a contest in FMI whose main goal is to help students escape from the daily ground by creating a coding project which can be deployed in FMI. Many influential companies come at the event and they assist students with the so called technological mentors. This makes the hackaton a perfect place for students who want to find a job.

The level in FMI is higher than the average West European and American universities. In terms of education and science FMI is a major academic institution. The faculty members have academic achievements and are good professionals in their own field. The students receive a high-quality education which is appreciated in Bulgaria as well as abroad. There are good reports of FMI graduates who have gone to study a master’s degree or a PhD at prestigious foreign universities. Students who graduate from FMI are well prepared in the labour market. Most of them have a stable practical knowledge and this is due to the fact that they start working in the third course of their bachelor’s degree.

When you are a part of an academic community like FMI the chances for development are many. Every time you face a problem you cannot solve there will always be someone ready to help you.