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Graduation 2013

Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Velikova-Dean of FMI


On a ceremony, held in the Ceremonial Hall of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohrisdski”, 420 bachelors and masters from the class of 2013 of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics received their diplomas. The alumni who completed successfully their studies with an A are 110.
The Dean of the Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Evgenia Velikova, PhD, opened the ceremony and congratulated the alumni on their graduation. In a brief speech she said, “Don’t think that this was the end of studying. From now on what lays in store for you are the lessons of real life. I hope that you deal with them successfully. I hope that you stay in Bulgaria to realize and make Bulgaria a happy country which maybe we weren’t able to do”.


Vice-Rector Prof. Anastas GerdgikovIn his welcoming speech, the Vice-Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohrisdski”, Prof. Anastas Gerdgikov, Dr. Habil, told the alumni, “I congratulate you on this day in which your long efforts meet with success. I know that each one of you will realize well, this applies to all the faculties, but especially for yours, there is no doubt”. He reminded that Sofia University takes the first place in 24 of the 25 professional fields in the Bulgarian Ranking System of Higher Education and expressed with conviction that not only the students graduating informatics, but also the mathematicians will realize successfully and with good income. “I wish you not so much success in realization but to choose what you really want to do because only then you will feel happy and satisfied.”


Ivan MarinovThe master Ivan Marinov said, “I would like to thank the university’s governing body and all my teachers from the faculty who gave me something priceless–the education and it cannot be bought in any way and from this point of view it is a kind of a gift. In addition, I would like to apologize to them because I stole from them that fervour with which they entered every class and kindled the power of knowledge in me which I will try to always keep alive in my lifetime. I hope that all of you will do it and I hope that you appreciate all they did for us. Thank you, good luck and success to all.”


Nora AngelovaThe master Nora Angelova addressed the people with the words, “I love this university because it gave me all I searched for. It gave me ways to realize my ideas and the chance to teach students like you. This in turn was extremely valuable to me as experience because I was able to feel that feeling when you can change someone's life by your words at a time and a place. It gave me something which is even more valuable and these are the people I met.” She reminded the audience of the day she received her diploma after completing her bachelor's degree, “When I was here to receive my diploma for a bachelor’s degree, Prof. Soskov, who, unfortunately, is no longer with us, wished us one single thing and it was: “Be curious! One simple thing. Curiosity is what drives us to go ahead, to come to know the people around us and ourselves.” For this reason I would like to wish you the same thing, “Colleagues, be curious, be healthy, be strong, be true and mostly together and let us try to make the world a better place.””

Marina KraevaThe bachelor Marina Kraeva reminded her colleagues of the road they travelled together, “I guess that four years ago none of us had any idea of what lay ahead. We travelled a long way together. We overcame all rises and falls but all the time we worked as a team and supported one another. But still we would not have been able to travel all this way without the support of the most important people for us who are here with us at this moment. Firstly, these are our parents, secondly, our friends. We should not forget how important the presence of our teachers was and their support and effort to pass on their knowledge and inflame us to devote ourselves to that. Today comes the end of a long way but another one begins, even more important, which will be filled with more obstacles, but I am sure that we will manage to deal with it since we could fight so many things so far. Good luck, class 2013!”

Nikolina Eftimova


In the crowded Ceremonial Hall the bachelor Nikolina Eftimova said, “It is wonderful that we can congratulate ourselves on the well done job. For me the most valuable at FMI are the people I met, these ones who infected me with their enthusiasm to gain and share knowledge. Thanks to FMI I am from the very few people who feel nervous to give a speech but  teach algorithms with pleasure in a full hall.”



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