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Laboratory Mathematical Modelling in Economics

Logo na Lab mmeLaboratory Mathematical Modelling in Economics was established in 2001 in connection with the need specialty in Applied Mathematics to form specialized mathematical economics.

Aims of laboratory

  1. To conduct training of bachelor level in the direction Mathematical Economics;
  2. To manage the master program Mathematical modelling in the economy;
  3. To develop scientific - research in the field of mathematical economics, mathematical finance and actuarial science and to train PhD students;
  4. To develop joint activities with similar units from the University, BAS and financial institutions in the country and abroad;
  5. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops and made available in reports and other research materials. 


  • Res. Assoc.  Dr. Tsvetomir Tsachev - IMR, BAS
  • Res. Assoc.  Dr. Mikhail Krastanov - IMR, BAS
  • Res. Assoc.  Dr. Mariana Vassileva - IIT, BAS
  • H. ass. Dr. Vesela Stoimenova - Department PORS
  • Prof. DsC  Racho Denchev
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Plamen Yalumov - Allianz-Bulgaria
  • Dr. Andrei Vasilev - BNB
  • Rossen Rozenov - BNB
  • Doct.  Iglika Vassileva - AEAP in MF
  • Doct.  Stefan Tsvetkov - AEAP in MF
  • Doct.  Dimitar Vasilev - AEAP in MF
  • Doct.  Tsvetina Tsenova
  • Doct.  Petar Radkov
  • Desislava Koleva
  • Daniela Tabakova