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MS in Information Systems (Course structure)

Course code and course title         ECTS credits             Type of course

First year
First semester

Programming І       7,5             C
Database Systems         7,5           C
AI        6       C
Computer Networks and Communications    7,5            C
Textual Databases           4,5            C
Database Management Systems       4,5           C
Parallel and Distributed Systems          7,5       C
Elective        8,5          E
Computer Linguistics               6      E
Oracle: Development of Applications           7,5           E
Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Network Infrastructure-Network Services     2      E
Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Network Infrastructure              2         E
Preparation for Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 - Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) 70-016                2              E
ASP.NET               2               E
Mathematica – Part І: Practical Introduction       6        E
Reliable Calculations               6            E

Second semester
Programming ІI                 7,5                     C
Parallel and Distributed Processing (Architecture, Systems and Algorithms)          7,5              C
Analysis, Modeling and Design of Information Systems               7,5              C
Expert Systems             6           C
Elective            9             E
Oracle: Introduction               6                   E
Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 - Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) 70-016                 2              E
Internet Programming with Java            2            E
Operating System Solaris           2            E
Programming with Databases         6             E
С for Scientific Calculations         4           E
RAD - Rapid Applications Development              4               E
Mathematica – Part ІІ: Advanced           9           E
Programming in Prolog                 9              E
WAP & WML          6       E
Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Active Directory Infrastructure         3            E
Implementing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server       3        E
Designing a Microsoft Active Directory and Network Infrastructure         2            E
GIS      6      E
ERP               6     E
Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server Environment            3              E
Data Warehousing & Data Mining         7,5             E

* Remarks on the application of the credit system .

Second year
Third semester  
Project Management of Information Systems       6            C
Elective       9          E
Programming of Databases in .NET          6           E
Bioinformatics         6         E
Cisco Academy          18            E
Grid Technologies        6         E
VRML (X3D)        4,5          E
Business Basics             1,6 
Introduction to Systems for Information Security        1,6            E
Grid        2          E
Fundamentals of Network Security       2           E
Pattern Recognition      7,5             E
Implementing of Microsoft Windows 2000 Clustering         2           E
Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows Network               3      E
Master Thesis            15      C   

* Remarks on the application of the credit system .
All credits per semester have to be 30.