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More information about FMI Library

It is located on two floors as follows:

Ground floor: Student Reading Room with Internet.

First floor: Science Reading Room with Internet, Interlibrary Loan Office for faculty and staff of SU, catalogues, reference indexes and book depository with three rooms.

Student Reading Room

It provides users with many copies of educational and reference books and scientific literature. All textbooks, manuals and collections used in the learning process can be borrowed for home use. Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, reference books and others) are used only in the reading room. There is an opportunity for copying of the selected documents outside (within the day) after leaving the librarian your student and library card. There is a place for readers with Internet. The three donations of publishing house О’Reilly–over 300 books in the field of informatics are stored and provided to readers here.

Science Reading Room

There is an extensive reference fund, current scientific periodicals, a spot for new books and a spot for the latest copies of journals. There is a place for readers with Internet access and ability to use electronic resources and services. Reference works and periodicals are accessible but they can only be used in the reading room.

Interlibrary Loan Office (for faculty and staff of SU)

Some of the reference fund and traditional library catalogues are here:

  • Alphabetical book catalogue–divided into Cyrillic and Latin;
  • Alphabetical periodicals catalogue– divided into Cyrillic and Latin;
  • Systematic catalogue–presents the fun of the library thematically in terms of the contents of the documents;
  • Topographic catalogue–for official use only;

There is a spot for readers with Internet access in the interlibrary loan office.

A special feature of the library:

The main fund is situated in the book depository on the first floor and is not open to access. Library documents from it can be borrowed for home only from the faculty and staff of SU. Students use this part of the fund in the reading rooms or copy the selected materials.