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Вие сте тук: Начало Конференции MATHEMATICS AND APPLICATIONS – a 30 years’ overview


Dear colleague,

The Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade University, is pleased to announce
the conference MATHEMATICS AND APPLICATIONS – a 30 years’ overview, which will take place at the Faculty o Mathematics, Studentski trg 16, Belgrade, from May 28th to May 29th, 2010.

This Symposium continues a series of successful national annual
conferences and meetings organized by the Faculty of Mathematics.
One of the main aims of this event is the promotion of science and
education in mathematics and informatics and their place in contemporary society through observation of situation nowadays and opening of new possibilities in applications of mathematics in other scientific and technical fields.

The Symposium will give an overview of the history of mathematics but it will also present contemporary works of our prominent scientists,
academics, professors and students.

The Symposium will be realized through four sections:

    * Mathematics and applications – overview
    * Mathematics and applications – today
    * Mathematics and informatics in education
    * Students’ scientific work and research

One of the main goals is certainly set to bring together the most
influential and most respected members of the mathematical research
community, especially those who are involved with the Faculty of
Mathematics during the last decades and also the improvement of science
and teaching mathematics and informatics and their position in modern

Details of the meeting, as well as the application, can be found at:

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