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Вие сте тук: Начало Studies in Mathematical Sciences PHD courses in 2011

PHD Courses in 2011

The dates below indicate the working days for the course. Arrival day is always the day before the starting date of the course and the departure day is the day after the last working day.

  1. "Number Theory" in Sarajevo from Jan 31 to Feb 25

    • Muharem Avdispahić , University of Sarajevo

    • Ivan Chipchakov, IMI, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    • Wolfgang A. Schmid, University of Graz/Ecole Polytechnique Paris

  2. "Probabilty and Statistics" in Podgorica from April 4 to April 29 

    • Elisaveta . Pancheva Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    • Franz Kappel, University of Graz

    • W. Schappacher

  3. "Dynamical Systems" in Tuzla from May 9 to June 3

    • Senada Kalabusic, University of Saraevo

    • Ognyan Christov, Sofia university

    • Doncho Dimovski, University of Skopie

  4. "Optimization" in Belgrade from Aug 29 to Sept 23

  5. "Algebraic Combinatorics, Computability and Complexity" in Sofia from Oct 3 to Oct 28      

    • Primoˇz ˇSparl, University of Ljubljana

    • Ivan Soskov, Sofia University

    • Ivan Landjev, IMI, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

  6. "Data Structures and High Performance Computing" in Skopje from Nov 7 to Dec 2

    • Gundolf Haase, University of Graz, Nov. 6 - Nov. 16
    • Marjan Gusev University Sts Ciryl and Methodius, Skopje

    • Manfred Liebmann, University of Graz

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