Колоквиум на ФМИ, 2 май 2019

На 02.05.2019 г. от 17:00 часа в Заседателната зала на ФМИ ще се проведе поредната сбирка на Колоквиума на ФМИ.

Dr. Apala Majumdar от Университета в Бат, Великобритания ще изнесе доклад на тема: 
Pattern Formation in Confined Nematic Liquid Crystals

Резюме на доклада:
Nematic liquid crystals are classical examples of mesophases that have 
physical properties intermediate between those of conventional solids and liquids. Nematics are anisotropic liquids with long-range orientational order, with distinguished directions. Consequently, nematics have directional properties, making them suitable working materials  for several opto-electronic devices and the multi-billion dollar display industry. In this colloquium, we discuss the hierarchy of continuum theories for nematics - the Oseen-Frank, the Ericksen and the Landau-de Gennes theories and illustrate their predictive powers by reviewing recent work on pattern formation in square wells filled with nematic liquid crystals, driven by geometrical, topological and energetic considerations. We discuss pattern formation in different asymptotic limits, with emphasis on multistability and the stabilizing/de-stabilizing effects of nematic defects and how this can lead to new optical and mechanical responses.

Преди лекцията, участниците в колоквиума са поканени от 16:30 часа в Заседателната зала за кратка неформална дискусия на кафе/чай и сладки.