Protection of Information in Computer Systems and Networks

Master degree program Protection of Information in Computer Systems and Networks (in the field of Informatics and Computer Science) aims to give wide range, interdisciplinary study of students with Bachelor's or Master's degree in informatics or related subjects or fields of education. It widens knowledge of the students in policy, strategy and programming products for information protection in computer systems and networks.

Professional area: 
4.6. Informatics and Computer Science
Master of Science
MII242113 Informatics
Master's programme: 
Protection of Information in Computer Systems and Networks
Form of education: 
Duration of full-time training (in semesters): 
Professional qualification: 
MSC in Informatics - Information Security in Computer Systems and Networks
Language of Instruction: 
Master's programme director: 
Prof. Milen Petrov, PhD

Focus, educational goals

Studying the problems, perspectives and priorities of information protection policy; the content and management mechanisms and principles of interaction aimed at protecting information in computer systems and networks in different organizations; modern concepts to protect network structures, providing the necessary reliability and efficiency; the technical and programming methods for providing information protection in complex regional and company information systems.

Training (knowledge and skills)

The training includes: analysis of the environment and the external and internal factors and conditions in which the information protection policy in the computer system and networks is implemented. Program provides knowledge and practical skills to work on a wide range of issues concerning the protection of information in computer system and networks and the policy for its implementation. By conducting course projects on individual disciplines (participation in situational and simulation games), and the skills gained from the five Cisco courses, the knowledge gained and the capabilities of the learners are reinforced.

Professional competence

The training will develop the following skills and competences: handling specialized software for network information protection based on the 5 courses of Sisko Akad .; methods, policies, programe and technical tools for network and system administration; protection against various types of attacks and viruses; access control methods; risk management; malicious software and systems for detecting and preventing infiltration of computer viruses; the classification of trusted computer systems and their evaluation; codes for detecting and correcting random and permanent errors in computer systems and networks; proprietary information interactions, description and analysis, modeling of protected interactions and interaction monitoring models.

Professional realization

Graduate students will be able to hold positions in government offices and companies such as information security officers, IT managers, analysts, designers, experts, consultants and others with the necessary analytical knowledge and skills in the field of security systems in information and telecommunication technologies. -business, e-management, knowledge management, etc. They will have a good basis for research work and Doctoral studies on security issues in computer networks and systems as well as teaching.

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