Information Systems

The main educational goal of the doctoral program is the training of highly qualified researchers in the field of information systems, who have the knowledge and skills to solve complex problems of scientific and applied scientific nature.

The training and research activities in the doctoral program contribute to the derivation of new results in key areas of theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of information systems and information technologies such as:

  • databases: design principles and development of information systems, analysis of user requirements, data models, design of database management systems, storage and processing of large datasets, knowledge discovery in large datasets, interoperability of information systems, information security;
  • knowledge-based systems: models for knowledge representation and reasoning, models for representation and processing of incomplete and uncertain knowledge, semantic enrichment and semantic integration of heterogeneous data, machine learning, data mining, models of intelligent decision support systems, prediction and diagnostic systems, recommender systems;
  • parallel and distributed systems: theoretical foundations and models of parallel and distributed systems, principles of parallel programming, concurrency and synchronization, methods and algorithms for formal verification of concurrent programs, models of distributed software architectures, virtualization;
  • embedded and autonomous systems: design principles and development of embedded systems and real-time processing systems, models of autonomous computer-based control modules in production and transportation, autonomous robotics, mobile personal communication systems, intelligent sensors, intelligent embedded systems.
Professional area: 
4.6. Informatics and Computer Science
Educational and Scientific Degree “Doctor”
Programme code: 
MI46I0101D / MI46I0102D / MI46I0103D
Form of education: 
full-time / part-time / self-study