Laboratory Matematica Modeling in Economics

Аbout the Lab

The Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling in Economics was established in 2001 in connection with the necessity of specialization of Mathematical Economics in the BS studies of Applied Mathematics.

Aims of the laboratory:

  • To provide the Bachelor's degree training in the field of Mathematical Economics;
  • To administer the Master's Program in Mathematical Modeling in Economics;
  • To do research in the field of Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science, as well as train PhD students;
  • To do joint activities with similar departments of the University, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the financial institutions in the country and abroad;
  • To organize and host conferences, seminars, workshops and provide the reports and other scientific materials for use as open resources.


  • Prof. Dr. Yordan Yordanov, PhD

Academic staff

  • Prof. Dr. Leda Minkova, DSc
  • Prof. Dr. Tatyana Chernogorova
  • Assoc. Prof. Vesela Stoimenova, PhD
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doncho Donchev