Professional area: 
4.5. Mathematics
МИМ010113 Mathematics
Form of education: 
Duration of training (in semesters): 
Professional qualification: 
Bachelor in Mathematics

Focus, educational goals

BA Programme of Mathematics prepares specialists in the following areas: Algebra, Geometry, Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis, Complex Analysis and Topology, Probabilities and Statistics, Operation Studies, Mathematical Logic, Mathematical Modelling, Mechanics. Students are given the opportunity to choose courses according to their interests, which will deepen their knowledge in the mathematical direction they have decided on.


Тhe curriculum provides excellent training for the students in the different fields of Mathematics. The syllabuses include basic theoretical fields such as: Algebra, Geometry, Differential and Integral Calculus, Probabilities and Statistics, Numerical Methods, Mechanics, Complex Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Differential Equations, Mathematical Optimization. Particular attention is also paid to courses related to the application of mathematics and informatics. Through a variety of optional courses, practices and opportunities for internships, the training aims to adapt students to the specifics of their future careers.

Professional competence

Специалистите по Математика имат задълбочени теоретични знания и практически умения за решаването на основни математически проблеми, възникнали  при научни изследвания или от практическио естество:

  • Имат фундаментални знания в следните математически области: алгебра, геометрия, диференциално и интегрално смятане, вероятности и статистика, числени методи, механика, комплексен анализ, математическа логика, диференциални уравнения,  математическо оптимиране.
  • Имат фундаментални знания в следните направления в информатиката: структури от данни и алгоритми, дискретна математика, обектно-ориентирано програмиране. Имат умения за програмиране на езици за процедурно и обектно-ориентирано програмиране
  • Умеят да прилагат теоретичните си знания при решаването на практически задачи.
  • Имат формирани умения за самостоятелно търсене на необходимата информация в литературни източници.


Professional realization

Students in this BA programme have good opportunities to continue their MA and PhD studies and follow-up careers as lecturers and researchers in higher schools and research institutes. At the same time, their solid mathematical preparation makes them particularly suitable candidates for specialization in a number of fields of application such as Mathematical Economics, Cognitive Sciences, Linguistics, Biology, Philosophy, etc.