Колоквиум на ФМИ, 1 юни 2017

На 01.06.2017 г. от 17:00 часа в Заседателната зала на ФМИ ще се проведе поредната сбирка на Колоквиума на ФМИ.

Проф. Джоузеф Ларинчи от Университета на Лафбъро, Великобритания, ще изнесе лекция на тема:
Non-local effects: research at the interface of operator analysis, integro-differential equations and probability

Резюме на доклада:

Much of mathematics has evolved and flourished around the Laplacian, related PDE, and Brownian motion, in stimulating interaction with models of physics and other natural sciences, and everyday challenges from engineering. Recent research has shown that a whole new world of phenomena and fine details can be captured by using the fractional Laplacian, non-local equations and jump processes too, which can be equally appealing to the pure as well as to the applied mathematician. In this talk I will highlight some aspects of this modern inter-disciplinary research, and illustrate it with some examples of applications.