Purdue GoBoiler Internship Program, Purdue University, application period: 05.03.2018- 18.03.2018

Project Descriptions

Applicants can view GoBoiler project descriptions beginning Saturday, March 3rd on our GoBoiler webpage located here: https://www.cs.purdue.edu/graduate/internship.html. A completed application will reflect the student’s top three CS project choices. Participating Purdue faculty will be reviewing applications immediately after the deadline to select GoBoiler interns. 

How to Apply to GoBoiler at Purdue

The applicant must attach the following two documents to an email sent to GoBoiler@cs.purdue.edu

  • Completed GoBoiler Application (3 pages) 
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae


  • The application period for GoBoiler is Monday, March 5th- Sunday, March 18th
  • Decisions on applicants will be finalized by the end of March and will be communicated via the contact email listed in the application
  • The program runs for eight weeks. It is scheduled to begin July 23rd and end September 14th
  • The GoBoiler email address will ONLY be used to receive applications. If you have any questions regarding the program or application process  please contact Kelsey Vance, Computer Science Graduate Program Coordinator at vance12@purdue.edu