Statistical Laboratory


  • Increasing overall statistical literacy and disseminating statistical knowledge by participating in projects and providing consultancy services in the field of statistical methods and statistical software application in different areas of social sphere;
  • Supporting research at the FMI and other faculties in experiment planning and data processing using probabilistic models;

Rules for the Structure and Operation of the Statistics Laboratory at the WASD

Head of the lab:

Academic staff

  • Prof. Dr. Marusia Bozhkova
  • Ch. Prof. Dr. Denitsa Grigorova
  • Ch. Dr. Maya Zhelyazkova


Students from the Bachelor's programme of Statistics, Master's programme of Probability and Statistics, and PhD students will collaborate with the laboratory by gaining experience, competencies and experience in probability models, statistical procedures and algorithms for data analysis, statistical software, methodologies and practices for applying the knowledge in Statistics.

The Statistical Laboratory performs its functions in partnership with the FMI external organizations and in cooperation with other FMI students and lecturers in the faculty as well as external lecturers