Technologies for Education in Mathematics and Informatics

Professional area: 
1.3. Pedagogy of education in ...
Master of Science
MIL212113 Mathematics and Informatics
Master's programme: 
Technologies for Education in Mathematics and Informatics
Form of education: 
Full-time and Part-time
Duration of full-time training (in semesters): 
Duration of part-time training (in semesters): 
Professional qualification: 
MSC in Mathematics and Informatics - Technologies for Education in Mathematics and Informatics
Language of Instruction: 
Master's programme director: 
Assoc. Prof. Philip Petrov, PhD

Focus, educational goals

The aim of the programme is to provide highly qualified pedagogical staff in Mathematics and Informatics, which can: 

  • apply effectively modern methods of Mathematics and ComputerScience training; 
  • participate and lead scientific research in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Training (knowledge and skills)

This Master's programme is oriented towards Bachelors with a teaching qualification in Mathematics and Informatics. It can also apply to Mathematics / Informatics specialists with an interest in the field of education, who have the opportunity to obtain a teaching qualification through an additional form of education. The admission exam is a test (with optional answers) in the field of Elementary Mathematics. Applicants for paid education may be accepted only by the overall grade from the higher education diploma.

Professional competence

Graduate Masters can teach profiling preparation to 11-12 grades at secondary schools, develop additional modules for this degree, apply specific forms of assessment, work as school principals, Mathematics and/or Informatics experts, research institutes and centers, such as textbooks, learning aids, educational sites, e-courses, and more.

Professional realization

The programme provides a basis for continuing education through a PhD in the teaching of Mathematics and/or Informatics and Information Technology.

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