National IT Olimpiad

The National IT Olympiad is held since the 2002/2003 school year. The Ministry of education and science is the official organizer and main sponsor of all Olympiads.

The Olympiad is held in three rounds - school, regional and national. During the school round, students present their project plan. During the regional round, students defend their already developed projects, which are assessed by a local committee in accordance with the official regulations of the Olympiad. All regional local committees proposed candidates for the final round. The National Committee checks all proposed candidates and approves best of them for the final round. The final round includes two stages - test and project defence. The overall grade is obtained after summing up the evaluations from the two stages. National Committee determines the final ranking.

Participants with exceptional results (highest 10-15 from all) receive special diplomas from the Ministry of education and science and later can used them for admission to Higher Education Institutions. All participants with excellent results also receive special letters from the Ministry and can used them for admission as well. Additional prizes are awarded by various sponsors.

For more details, visit the website of the IT Olympiad (in Bulgarian).