IT Services and Projects

The Master Program “IT Services and Projects” is based on a set of courses addressing the latest IT fields aimed at building complex modern software and IT solutions using the latest business, organizational and architectural concepts, providing a balance between technology and management content.

Professional area: 
4.6. Informatics and Computer Science
Master of Science
MII282113 Informatics
Master's programme: 
IT Services and Projects
Form of education: 
Duration of full-time training (in semesters): 
Professional qualification: 
MSC in Informatics - IT Services and Projects
Language of Instruction: 
Master's programme director: 
Prof. Kalinka Kaloyanova, PhD

Focus, educational goals

Based on a good understanding of IT categories and elements such as databases, software, middleware, business processes, IT services, etc., students learn the new, advanced concepts and technologies in IT area. Students develop skills to understand the particular challenges of managing IT services and projects, acquiring technologies and tools for planning, organizing and controlling the quality of services and projects to improve productivity and customer satisfaction. At the same time, students learn good practices in software organization and development of software and IT applications, acquire knowledge and skills for analyzing and planning business processes, designing complex, flexible software systems with service orientation, process integration skills, professional attitude and responsibility in team work, knowledge of relevant standards.

Training (knowledge and skills)

The programme includes courses based on  the reccommendations and materials of Almaden Research Center (San Jose, California, US) and Carnegie Melon University (US) of IBM. The training of the students is intensive and involves the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and acquisition of practical skills and abilities by working on a number of projects - individual or team projects.

Much of the programme's training - lectures, exercises, seminars, real-life projects, and internships is done in collaboration with leading IT companies.

Professional competence

After completing the programme the students will acquire basic knowledge and skills for:

  • Understanding of modern IT - architectures, organizational structures, processes, control systems;
  • Application of  ITIL principles in IT Management;
  • Identifying different types of IT services and their specific features;
  • Design, programming and implementation of IT services in line with the organization's strategy;
  • Analysis, design and development of software;
  • Manage complex software and IT projects.

Professional realization

In-depth interdisciplinary knowledge, combined with good practical training and acquired individual and team skills, will enable graduates to take the best professional and managerial positions in leading Bulgarian and foreign IT companies as well as in research, scientific and educational organizations.

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