Programmes by speciality

The admission of masters in the FMI for academic 2017/2018 takes place in three main professional fields:

(1) 4.6 Informatics and Computer Science - seventeen programs:

  1. Bio- and Medical Informatics
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. E-Business and E-Management (in Bulgarian and English)
  4. Information Security in Computer Systems and Networks
  5. Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery
  6. AI
  7. IT systems
  8. Information Technology Services and Projects
  9. Computer Graphics
  10. Computer linguistics
  11.  Logic and Algorithms
  12. Mechatronics and Robotics
  13. Distributed Systems and Mobile Technologies
  14. Software Technologies
  15. Knowledge and Innovation Technologies
  16. Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Information Technology
  17. High Performance Computing

(2) 4.5 Mathematics - nine programs:

  1. Dynamic Systems and Geometry
  2. Computational Mathematics
  3. Logic and Algorithms
  4. Mathematics and Mathematical Physics
  5. Equations of Mathematical Physics
  6. Probabilities and Statistics
  7. Mathematical Modeling in Economy
  8. Mathematical Modeling and Application of Mathematics
  9. Equations of Mathematical Physics and Applications

(3) Pedagogy of Mathematics, Informatics and Information Technologies - two programs in each area:

  1. Mathematics and Informatics Teaching Technologies
  2. Online Education

Admission to all Master’s degree programmes takes place before the winter semester. Admission to a limited number of programmes rarely takes place in the summer semester.

During the summer semester, the announcements and the deadlines announced on the websites of the University of Sofia and the FMI should be monitored (as a rule, the submissions are in the period December-January, the examinations are in January-February, the ranking and registration are in February-March).