Link Campus University Hosts Successful CT&ML Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event on Transforming Teaching with Moodle & Gamified Learning

Link Campus University recently hosted an enlightening and engaging short-term joint staff training event, focusing on transforming teaching methods through the utilisation of Moodle and gamified learning. The three-day event, which took place from June 26th to June 28th, 2023, was organised by Link Campus University and St Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia as part of the Erasmus+ project CT&ML (Formation of critical thinking and media literacy as protection against media manipulation, misinformation and fake news) and drew participants from four different European academic institutions.
The main objective of the training was to equip attendees with the essential skills required to effectively utilise the Moodle platform, offering practical examples and hands-on exercises. Moodle, a widely recognized open-source learning management system, provides educators with a comprehensive set of tools for creating online courses, managing assessments, and facilitating interactive learning experiences.
The event commenced with an introduction to Moodle, highlighting its functionalities and benefits, followed by a series of practical demonstrations. Participants were given the opportunity to explore and experiment with the platform's features, gaining confidence and competence in utilising it as an effective teaching tool. Through collaborative exercises, attendees shared insights and strategies for incorporating Moodle into their educational practices.
Another crucial aspect of the training revolved around the principles of gamified learning. Educators were enlightened about the application of game elements to enhance students' motivation and engagement. Attendees were inspired to create innovative and immersive learning environments using gamification techniques.
Furthermore, the training event included a practical workshop focusing on the design of teaching activities and learning content related to critical thinking and media literacy. Participants were guided through the process of developing effective instructional materials to cultivate these essential skills among university students. The workshop fostered collaboration and the exchange of ideas on how to empower educators to incorporate critical thinking and media literacy into their curricula.
The CT&ML short-term joint staff training event was highly successful in achieving its goals. Participants left the event equipped with a solid foundation in Moodle usage and armed with insights into leveraging gamified learning techniques. The knowledge gained during the training will undoubtedly contribute to creating engaging and effective teaching experiences, further enhancing the educational landscape.
Link Campus University's hosting of this impactful training event underscores its commitment to fostering innovative pedagogical practices and promoting collaboration among educators. By embracing modern technologies and transformative teaching methods, institutions can better prepare students for the challenges of the digital age while enhancing their overall learning experience.