Семинар „Математическо моделиране”, 11.04.2018

На 11.04.2018, сряда, от 18:15 до 20 часа в зала 514 ще се проведе семинарът "Математическо моделиране". Доц. Петър Попов, фирма ppResearch Ltd., ще представи проблема:

Practical challenges to coupled geomechanical simulations

We present a coupled flow and mechanical simulator that is used for modelling multiphase fluid flow in subsurface formations. Drilling and production operations in the oil industry require extensive knowledge of the way fluids behave in the subsurface both during drilling operations and while a reservoir is in production mode. The change in fluid pressure induces mechanical deformations which in turn affect flow properties and thus the fluid flow itself. For that reason in many applications a coupled simulation is essential for an accurate drilling/production model. We present the basic science behind coupled simulators and we discuss the challenges to building a practical software tool that can solve efficiently such problems.