Среща-дискусия на тема "Staying current in an ever changing IT environment", 11.04.2019

На 11.04.2019 г. от 18 часа  в зала 325 ще се проведе среща-дискусия на тема:

Staying current in an ever changing IT environment
Robert Lockard, President, Oraclewizard

Rob Lockard is very passionate about speaking worldwide and sharing his knowledge and experience. Rob is an Oracle Database administrator, designer, developer, and project manager. For the past 20 years, Rob has specialized in Financial Intelligence, including tracking of money laundering, terrorist money and identity theft, along with Cyber Crimes tracking attacks on information systems. Rob enjoys flying vintage aircraft, racing sailboats, photography, and technical diving. 

Join Rob for this open discussion on ever changing IT environment. 

The idea is to give the students something to think about and the tools that he uses every day to stay ahead of the game. Of course, what would a talk about staying current be without discussing constant learning and constant improvement. The balance of the presentation is about adapting to failure, being present, elimination of distractions, and constantly striving to improve.